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Food is Like a Fine Wine

Latekatefoodie launched in September 2013 after the author, Kate Oliver, discussed the idea with a colleague.  Actually, the colleague suggested that she write about food, since she knew how much she loved food. The place where it all began, Buona Forchetta, before a fashion event held the same night. Kate sat with a friend and after dinner, Latekatefoodie was born.

Kate is a paralegal who loves to cook, bake and dine out. Latekatefoodie was created to share recipes and restaurant experiences with other food lovers.

Kate enjoys sharing recipes with her friends and loved ones.  Kate has not attended culinary school, her experiences are based on teaching herself how to bake (with many failures) and to cook other foods, besides Filipino food and soul food.  Kate's ethnic background is Filipina and African American.  She learned to cook when she was six years old and has evolved in her cooking over the years.  Her favorite dishes to cook are chilequiles, chicken adobo, and baking cookies. When she is not cooking, baking or checking out a new restaurant, she manages the website and social media for her son's NJROTC Booster Club, works full time, writes movie reviews, mentors two entry level paralegals, and has been educating herself on epilepsy.  Her son suffers from Absence and Tonic-Clonic Seizures.

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Butter cake with vanilla ice cream (at California Pizza Kitchen)


Kate attends many blogger media events and shares her experiences through blog posts and social media postings. Click the Social Media Buttons below to follow her!

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