Food is Like a Fine Wine

For years, I struggled with short lashes.  Well, in my opinion anyway. I have all kinds of products to make my lashes longer.  When I modeled, I fake lashes were applied to make my eyes "pop". 

When I was given the chance to get the extensions, I totally opted to participate!

Obviously, you can't see my lashes.

Obviously, you can't see my lashes.

Amazing Lash Studio was founded in 2010. When reading the "About" link, Amazing Lash has a unique team of professionals, highly trained professionals, who have applied lashes to clients.

Eyelash extensions are the thing.  It adds a soften look to any woman.  Beautiful lashes, wonderful make up, the things we do for beauty.

I went to the studio located in Mission Valley (in the Ikea Marketplace). My afternoon was a bit open so I actually stopped off at La Playa Grill for happy hour while waiting for my 630pm appointment. Thinking I was going to be late, I made why down to the studio.  It was definitely new. The studio was CLEAN. I was greeted by the receptionist.  I completed the standard release papers, which is no joke.  

Kayla was my stylist (I think that is what she was referred to).  She was so nice. I cleaned my face off with a cleansing towelette that was provided in the restroom. You have to go to your appointment with a clean face.  No lotions or oils.  Since I no longer wear makeup, I didn't have to worry about all the gunk on my face.

We go into our room (I swear it was like I was going to get my eyebrows waxed) and Kayla asked me to lay on the table. My appointment took about two hours.

So, the process, my bottom eyelids were pretty much open - to keep my lashes from getting in the way of the process. My eyebrows were protected too.The adhesive used to attached the synthetic lashes is apparently super strong (and stings like a muther)! Each lash was attached not too far from my eyelid.  They offer four styles: Natural, Cute, Sexy and Gorgeous.  I went the "Cute" style as I felt it was more fitting with my eye shape. Also, Kayla recommended it.  They recommend getting a refill every 2-4 weeks. I definitely fell asleep while Kayla applied the lash extensions. I normally don't do that, but I felt comfortable with her.

Here is a photo.  The top is before and the bottom is after the extensions were applied. Don't mind my eyebrows.  I know I need to get them!

Can you see the significant difference? Definitely more appealing. It felt heavier (only because I have not done this before) and seemed a bit out of sorts to me.  Again, I have never had eyelash extensions before.

Below is a photo a few days after my Thursday appointment.  My hair dresser loved them (when I saw her on Friday morning). I definitely mentioned that I went to the Studio.  

This was on Saturday, March 12th.

This was on Saturday, March 12th.

After the extensions were added on, I was provided with a nice little goodie bag with some product: Clear lash gel and gentle facial wash. I purchased  a larger bottle of the gentle face wash for further use.

So, the first 48 hours, you can't wash your face.  The lashes need to set, I imagine. Wetting the lashes could cause the lashes to fall off. Understand that I have oily skin and prone to break outs.  I had to stop at the market on my way home to get cleansing towelettes to suffice. I waited three days and washed my face with the gentle cleanser on Monday (just to be safe).  I had a hard time opening my eyes after rinsing my face. I used a towel to pat my eyelids in order to open them.  I typically wash my face with a facial sponge twice.  Not so much here.  Which I think I can, just not around my eyes like I normally would. I can tell you that from Thursday to Monday, two of the synthetic lashes have already fallen out, I think it is to be expected, I am not sure. I applied the clear gel to the lashes (from middle to ends). I am not going to be needing mascara for awhile. 

After washing my face and applying the clear gel to the lashes.

After washing my face and applying the clear gel to the lashes.

Still looks good. I am getting used to them now.  Will I get a refill, yes.  It's kind of addicting to have longer lashes :)

I believe Amazing Lash Studio is doing an introductory offer - you should visit their website here for more details on the offer.  They are open late too!! 

There are two locations is San Diego: Mission Valley and Carmel Valley.