Holidays at Greystone Steakhouse

Holidays at Greystone Steakhouse

Sunday nights in the Gaslamp during the holiday season should most definitely be spent at Greystone Steakhouse!

Living in San Diego for as long as I have, I had yet to step into Greystone Steakhouse.  I have always wanted to to dine at Greystone and I was most lucky to be able to attend their VIP Media Holiday Party by invitation through Gogobot. This was a red carpet event with photography and live music.  Wonderful music.

Greystone held their VIP Holiday Party on December 20, 2015. I was such a procrastinator that I waited until the last minute to purchase a red dress. BOO!!

When you enter Greystone, there is a bar to your left and a staircase going up to the second floor. The restaurant was beautifully decorated for the season.  To my immediate right, there was the back drop for photos.  You would think I would have taken photos of the decorations and the music.  Fail on my part.

I walked up the stairs to the second floor (or the private dining area) and there were so many attendees!! And of COURSE Desserts on display! It's always wonderful to get together during the holiday season and be merry with cocktails and Christmas music!


Macaroon Dessert Display

Macaroon Dessert Display

Oh, that was a close up!


Many Dessert Display!!

Many Dessert Display!!

I don't recall if I even had dessert!  Oh wait. I think I tasted one of the cupcakes.

I did meet Joshua Mortimer, Greystone's Sommelier.  This fella knows his wines!  He even had my faves for tasting!

Sommelier, Joshua Mortimer pouring samples of wine.

Sommelier, Joshua Mortimer pouring samples of wine.

Joshua was insigthful on the wines he chose for sample tastings for the event.  He had a delicious Viognier ( I couldn't remember the name of it)  that I thought I took a photo of all the wine (where you can read the labels) that was smooth and buttery!


Kate's Wine.jpg

I am pretty sure I had two of these and a glass of the sangiovese he had. You know I like reds, right?  Now, if I can remember what the red was called....


Lamb Ravioli n tuna.jpg

Lamb Ravioli and Ahi tuna. The lamb ravioli was my FAVORITE!!

  Now, there were a few yummies to eat. One being the Colorado lamb ravioli with rosemary sage wild mushroom bechamel sauce. I am pretty sure I would have been ultimately satisfied with a whole bowl.  MINE! MINE! MINE! Another dish that was served was the short rib tacos!  ERMAGERD! I am not a fan of grilled onions, but the tacos were delish!

Short Rib Tacos.jpg


You know what is even better?  Being at a holiday event with fellow bloggers!

Group photos.jpg


I can't recall who the photo credit should go to, but thank you!!!

This was a great party!  The winter menu looks TO DIE for (remember - Colorado Lamb Ravioli)! I am hoping that they are participating in restaurant week January 17-24, 2016. You should stop by!! Actually, I should really take my husband here for our anniversary or maybe a birthday, or a just because dinner.