Kate Oliver

Fresh Catch Bar & Grill

Kate Oliver
Hey Girl Hey!!!  LOL.

There is a new Seafood Grill in Hillcrest, just off Fifth Avenue, across from The Tractor Room.
Yes. There is.
You should go by there and check it out.

I was invited to the Media Opening on April 29th.  Fresh Catch had their Grand Opening on April 30th.
I love the brick building!!

Okay, this was an event that my other half was able to come to!
Inside, is pretty intimate.  The kitchen is open, you can literally see the chef and his staff cooking!
I love the wood oven brick oven.

It was really nice.
I walk in and was greeted.  To your left, you get to see all the fresh seafood. Like a market!! Pretty awesome,

At the end, a HUGE fish. I remember it was posted on their Facebook page earlier that day.  CRAY!!!
Hubs placed his order.  He had Sea bass with mixed veggies and steamed rice.
Me?  Oh come on!  You have to know how I roll by now???
I ordered: Blue Lump Crab and Shrimp Salad, Red Snapper, Cajon style, mixed veggies and brown rice. 

Mind you, all the entrees come mixed veggies (pretty good I might add).
Here is a snap of the menu we were provided for the day:

I know, hard to see. Sorry about that.  Fresh Catch offers appetizers, seafood entrees, salads and sandwiches

Hopefully, that helps.  If not, you can see the menu on their website.
Oh, I also had a class of....wine.  Ah...Pinot Grigio for me and the hubs.  He didn't like it (he's a noob to the wine world), but he drank it.
Okay, appetizer comes out and the salad:

This was YUMMMMM!!! I like...real crab meat and shrimp...though...they could have been cleaned a little more (the shrimp that is).
Somehow, we ended up with two of these (I only ordered one - so we obviously shared with Hillary from Starbright's Kitchen!).  
There was a lot of media people, some bloggers I knew (like Hillary - we are also career colleagues as well) of course, Tiffany from GogobotSD was there as well.  I love that woman!! She's pretty awesome (and Becky too!!).

So far, in the evening, everyone was mingling and chatting. Our meal came out pretty swiftly.
I think there were two servers.  Maybe, I don't recall.
Hub's plate - with the Sea Bass and lemon butter:
Local Sea Bass with Steamed & Mixed Grilled Veggies

And Mine:
Red Snapper with Brown Rice & Mixed Grilled Veggies
So, I am not sure what the Cajon Style was, but I think mine came out with Lemon Butter (super sad face).
I preferred hubs local Sea Bass to my Red Snapper.
I liked the feel of the restaurant.  You can sit outside or inside.  It is in a great area, walking distance to the park (if you are so inclined) and maybe 5 blocks from Extraordinary Desserts.
I am hoping that Fresh Catch will add a desserts to their menu.  I mean, how can we have a fresh seafood bar & grill and no dessert?
Fresh Catch also has wine you can order with your meal as well, but you will have to go in and check out what they have stocked.  I do know,when I went, there was a bottle of Malbec.  YUMM!!

You should go give it a try. I may try it one more time (for a the lobster mac & cheese, since that looked yummier)! Otherwise, I probably won't visit that one again.