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 Latekatefoodie turned 3 years old on September 14th!!

Latekatefoodie turned 3 years old on September 14th!!

 I celebrated my 39th birthday shortly after my Blogiversary!

I celebrated my 39th birthday shortly after my Blogiversary!

I also recently celebrated my 39th birthday.  WOW! It's my last year in the my 30s before I enter into the "dreaded" 40s.  Not that it is bad.  Just another milestone.

When I think about all the accomplishments I have done this year:

1. Celebrated a wedding anniversary with my husband

2. I started studying computer forensics

3. Applied and got accepted to law school.

4. My professional career has moved into a different direction, hence #3.

I took the weekend to reflect on quite a bit.  Well, I do it every year around my birthday.

This year, I went through a few intense (for me) changes.  Then realized a few things:

1. My real friends, don't live in San Diego.

2. My brother and parents no longer interact with one another.

3. Of #1, I find that I only have a few friends in San Diego.

4. Though I have close to 600 Facebook friends, 100 of them I know personally.

5. I realize I have a lot of bridges that I need to repair, but trying to figure out which ones are the ones are the lifelong ones.

Well, as the month of September comes to  close there are a few bright things that are coming:

1. My daughter (not by blood. I was her stepmother, divorced her dad about 15 years ago) is getting married in October.

2. I am having a dress custom made for my last Marine Corps Ball with my husband.

3. I really need to stick by healthy habits.  With the wedding and Marine Corps ball coming up, it's high time (since I love being a foodie) to get my ass back in shape.

4. I am participating (as an Influencer) in the Susan B. Komen 5k November 1st.

This next year, my goal is to grow my blog more.  Post more often, even with law school and movie reviewing.  I feel that I am backed up on a lot of posts.  My mission is to post more often, like I did in the beginning.

And...plan my 40th birthday party.  WHAT??!

Thank you....for reading, for following, checking out my fun tasting trips!!

You can find me on twitter: @latekatefoodie and on Instagram under the same handle. I do post more often to those social media outlets the most!!