Food is Like a Fine Wine

Cheeses of Europe?  Yes, Please! I was invited by Baybird, Inc. to the media pop up in front of Macy's at Fashion Valley Mall on February 18th.  This post is my opinion of the event. I really wish I took more pictures. Fail Food Blogger.  It's so unlike me to not take pictures of everything. I was distracted by conversation by Whitney Bond and Brandon Matzek, two of my favorite local food bloggers. It's nice catching up with other food bloggers, these two just happen to be a wealth of information.  Of course I follow them. Then, there was cheese and beer and wine and bubbly.

I want to talk about this cheese event.  First of all, I want you to go by there tomorrow and get a ton of cheese. Okay, sample some cheeses, and when I say sample, visit Pierre at the President table (he has the Comte Cheese and a delicious bleu cheese- Roquefort) and make sure you engulf yourself in his presence.  He was one of the best.  He talked myself and Allie through all the cheeses at his table. Oh...and he has the yummy President Sea Salted Butter.  OMG!!  His personality is so bubbly, I love it. It will be hard to go to other tables.  So, uhm, visit him last (so glad I did).  By the way, if you love bleu cheese, you have to try the roquefort at his table.  That melted on my tongue.  I definitely had a mouthgasm from the roquefort. 

Another thing, if you bump into Chef Rene Turner, you better have some of her Pineapple and Cheese Skewers (I am not sure what the cheese was).  Her table was the BEST Presentation (and the center)!! I couldn't get a picture of the skewers without getting so many people in the photo. You have to trust me, it was DELICIOUS! The tall martini glasses had the skewers in the them! So GOOD!! Her Mac N Cheese was BOMB!! She used the Mimolette Cheese (I can't recall the table, but that cheese was amazing) in her recipe.  ERMAGERD!! I need more of her food in my life right now!

I totally did my flight backwards.  I started with the Hob Nob Pinot Noir then switched to the cuvee. The Pinot was smooth went pretty well with the skewers. The cuvee was better too.  

My Friend Allie walked away with the Comte Cheese, a wedge of mimolette and butter, for like $16.00. You want to go by there.  Saturday is the last day!

I need to make my way over there too.  European cheeses is better on my stomach than the stuff here in the US. That lactose intolerance life. LOL!

Fashion Valley Mall. In front of Macy's.  11 am - 6pm on Saturday. GO!!