Food is Like a Fine Wine

**From a Visit in November 2013**

Davanti Enoteca Bellisimo!!

I have been here for happy hour, their anniversary mixer and dinner.  We sat outside on the patio on a GORGEOUS Saturday Morning (in November, no doubt!).  This would be the place to stop in for brunch, especially if you are at the Farmer’s Market (that is held every Saturday – unless it rains). The music is awesome which plays in on the ambiance.  Sit outside, your senses will thank you!

Davanti is located in Little Italy on the ever busy India Street (between Princess Pub and Buon Appetito). The patio has an olive tree in the center and several tables and booths surrounding the tree.  Josh Zanow, our gracious host (and General Manager) was super attentive.  He talked with ALL the patrons who came in and visit.  He took us to the Bloody Mary Bar, which Davanti has a HUGE Bloody Mary bar with ingredients (i.e. pickles, pickled asparagus, and white beans, etc.) to choose from.  At the Bloody Mary Bar (located inside the restaurant), stood the very sweet, Maria, who helped us make our Bloody Marys.  Let’s say, I had the best Bloody Mary there (also the fact that I drank it all explains it as well).  Since we arrived just after they opened for brunch, the restaurant was pretty quiet.  Of course, during the course of our tasting, we were joined by more patrons.

Bloody Mary Bar

Bloody Mary Bar

All of the dishes that we tried were amazing.  There was  a burst of flavor in each of our dishes, the Proscioutto e Uova il Pane  reminded me of my days as a child in Italy.  

I could not possibly come up with a favorite, of course the Waffle di Giorno does come with nutella drizzle, so that may be my winner out of that bunch (and definitely a kid friendly breakfast treat).  The berries on the waffle are procured from the farmer's market (as well as the vegetables for the Frittata - it's on the brunch menu!). With the nutella drizzle and the berries, I had NO need for syrup on my waffle.  

The Focaccia di Recco was definitely a table favorite (you can order this anytime!!) as it is thin bread baked with pockets of marscapone cheese served with fresh honey (on a HONEYCOMB!).

Focaccio di Recco  

Focaccio di Recco


 Must Try – The Bloody Mary Bar (and don’t forget the bacon), Torta di Formaggio (especially if you like Goat Cheese!!)

See for yourself  :) 

Photo credit to Monibella Photography