Had  my personal consultation this afternoon with Coach Vishal.  I can say, I am pretty excited for the plan.  Love the meal plan.  I know I say that now...and I may just end up hating it.  Then again, I am a food blogger with a creative mind.  So, meals will be good for me. The plus, lentil and beans.  No carbs on on my diet plan.  This is gonna be hard, but worth the money and time, and my health.

So, my 10% goal to lose is 20 pounds.  I weighed in today at 205. 20 pounds in six weeks is pretty doable.  My BMI was 30.  My Body Fat - 31%.  I am freaking FAT!  

I did walk out of World Gym (where the challenge workouts will be held) with 4 canisters of goodies.  Then I had to text Coach V and ask him to add creatine because I thought I had some. Pretty sure hubby took it to work since he is working on muscle gain and...other stuff.

Official weigh is on Sunday, March 13th. The Challenge starts on March 14th. Here comes 5 am wake ups for a 6am training class.  I so got this!

Stay tuned!