Happy June and Happy Sunday!!

Holy Moly it is hot in Escondido today!!!

I wanted to share a recipe that I cooked for two days!!

The first time I made oxtail was through a one pot meal recipe book I found Barnes and Noble a few years ago. That recipe included quinoa, pretty healthy.  It was pretty good.

This time, while grocery shopping on base, I saw packaged oxtail.  I figure, yea....why not! I think you can find oxtail at most ethnic markets.  I just happen to be shopping on the Marine Base.  I would definitely try markets like Vallarta (my favorite!) or Seafood City or Lucky (in Mira Mesa).

So, what I did was I searched for some recipes online to try to cook with wine (I had SO MUCH red wine left over) for oxtail and came across the


site. I changed the recipe, A LOT to my liking and the fact that I was cooking in the crock pot.  Good Move, personally. I really looked the recipe over to get an idea of what I wanted to do with it.

Okay, I bought two packages of oxtail and trimmed  as much of the fat off as I could get.

Then, in a frying (or saute) pan, I heated 3 tablespoons of olive oil (on low, because olive oil loses the flavor).  I arranged the oxtails in a circular fashion (you don't have to do this).

Here is a picture:

I cooked each side until it browned and sprinkled onion powder and garlic powder on each side. While browning the oxtail, I turned on the crock pot.

I added about 1/2c of wine to the pan, so that the flavor sets in, then poured the rest of the wine into the crock pot.

I also added beef broth to the crock pot as well.  I let that warm while cooking the oxtail.

After both sides were "red", purple actually, I added the oxtails to the crock pot and cooked on low overnight.

I think I started this on a Tuesday night.  Wednesday night I had a movie screening, so I had hoped that my other half would peel the potatoes (I had 8 potatoes ready), cut and add them to the crock pot. Meh, not so much.  I ended up adding the potatoes when I got back from my movie screening and let that cook over night. Thursday night, I had a loan signing, so I actually didn't get to finish this one until Saturday.  Maybe my dates are off.  I know, I had some yesterday for lunch....so...

Here it is when I added shredded carrots:

Don't forget, you need to skim some of the fat.  I did it before adding the potatoes.

The stew wasn't super thick, so I added some flour to it on Wednesday night.  That is, I took maybe 4 tablespoons of flour and mixed it with the broth then added it to the crock pot.

I made some steamed rice in the rice cooker (I mean, come on!).

I just want to say, for as long as I cooked it, the meat was SO TENDER!

Hubs liked it :)

That is literally how I served it.  I can't count how many hours this one cooked for.  I just know, I started it, late Tuesday night and it finished yesterday.  Well, I was able to focus on it more yesterday.

I am glad I let it cook on low for so long. I didn't add any additional seasonings because of the wine. I really wanted that to be the focus and it is.

I think I am going to send some with the hubs to work on Monday for one of his co-workers. Maybe.  Maybe.  LOL!

Post your comment if you tried it!! I want to know what alternates you did with the recipe!!