Kate Oliver

Cranberry Muffins with a Twist - Not so much.

Kate Oliver
Cranberry Muffins with a Twist  - Not so much.

Midweek - well maybe right before the weekend.

Oh Wait!!!  It's a week before Thanksgiving!!!

I happen to LOVE to cook during the holidays.

This year will be small (we just moved). Pretty much, Mr. Foodie and Little Foodie (who is not so little by any means)!

Onto another recipe that I found.

This time - after spending over $400 at the military commissary for groceries- I thought I take a chance in making something with cranberries.  Okay.  I saw a Pinterest


for Cranberry White Chocolate Chip cookies. It made me think of Christmas.

So....I happened to visit the Ocean Spray website and saw a few recipes for cranberry banana bread and cranberry


. There are some great recipes on the Ocean Spray site (go check it out)!

Hah! During my grocery shopping spree - I picked up a couple bags of coconut flour. I read somewhere about the benefits of cooking with coconut flour vice regular all-purpose flour.  I actually bake with King Arthur's Flour (gotta thank my boss for that one).

You would think that I read the package, BEFORE I start putting things together:

1. coconut flour is THICK

2. It ABSORBS like crazy.

3. I think my muffins are a flop!

I am hoping the remaining of the batter I used to make a loaf will come out decent.

Crossing my fingers.

Otherwise, I would recommend following the recipe (for the cranberry muffins) as it is listed on the Ocean Spray's website.  This was my first time cooking with coconut flour.  I'll need to be more careful next time.

The Plus - It smells delicious!

Maybe I should have read


article before I started.

Mental note, use less...

Wah wahhhhh. I will attempt this again!