Kate Oliver

One Pot- Chicken and Rice

Kate Oliver
One Pot- Chicken and Rice

Being busy is an understatement for everyone.  Not everyone has time to put together a 3 or 4 course meal on a weeknight.

Guilty here!  The other thing, most people get home after 6pm.  So, I saw this recipe on Tip Hero (via Facebook) for One Pan Chicken with rice, black beans and lime.  

I was so excited to come home on Thursday evening (December 17th) to make this, when I realized I didn't have any limes.  So, I had to, well, adapt and overcome.  This happens a lot (or it does for me).

Here is the original 



And with mine:

I used chicken breast vice chicken thighs. I substituted the lime juice and lime zest with a 12 oz can of diced tomatoes and green chiles. I looked for lemon juice too, but you know how that goes. 

I, of course, needed to add shredded cheese!

Totally husband approved. I do think that cotija cheese would have been better with this one!!