MMM...Mud Cake - maybe??

Just kidding...sort of.

So, I watched this video on  my awesome Facebook feed on the yummiest Mississippi Mud Cake and I needed to make it.  Death By chocolate, yes of course!!

So, I was a bit confused when I clicked in the link for the full recipe and the link was disabled (WHYYYYYYYY)! The cook time on the video was definitely off, by at least 30 minutes.

Me, being a resourceful paralegal (okay, in general), found an easy recipe on Pillsbury's Website. You guys....I had to improvise. 

I went to Walmart at like, 1100 pm-ish last night.  I was stressing.  So, when I stress, I bake.  Don't ask. It just happens and magic appears! I actually had to go to Walmart twice.  First for the cake mix.  I actually went for boxes (we're moving next weekend onto base housing) and walked out with shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner (by Shea Moisture), Ziploc bags and some other stuff. Not sure how that added up to $76. Gracious! I had to go back a second time because I forgot marshmallows.  Issues. So much issues.  I apparently used the marshmallows in another recipe.  I can't remember what. Darn it!

Back to the recipe...So, I cooked the cake as directed by the box (it was about 2am when I finally started). I was searching for positions (paralegal), and clearly I got side tracked. Then I added the marshmallows, frosting and baked an additional 15 minutes. made a mess in my oven, oops. Marshmallows though! Totally worth the mess.

I made the frosting from scratch. :) I used Kerrygold unsalted butter for the frosting, Nestle Cocoa Powder, and confectioner's sugar (or powdered sugar).  Those are what I had in my cabinet.  I make it a thing to stay stocked on three different types of sugar and two types of cocoa powder. I may be a little OCD when it comes to the kitchen. Just a little.

Mmmmm...I made it so that Mr. Foodie can take some to work. I totally made 2 batches.

Mmmmm...I made it so that Mr. Foodie can take some to work. I totally made 2 batches.

So, the second batch of chocolate love, I sprinkled coconut on top of the marshmallows, added the chocolate frosting and baked for the 15 minutes.

Mr. Foodie's co-workers loved it.  Winner Winner.  I even sent a note, My Birthday week! Enjoy the cake!

OMG! So delicious!!

OMG! So delicious!!

Make it, eat it. Tell me how it went!!! If you made it different, let me know. 

Exciting!!! hey September Birthday Twins, Happy Birthday!!!!