I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Since I did not have my son this year (He injured himself at a track meet), I baked.

My husband always ask me to buy bananas, but he never eats them.  Therefore, they go to waste.

I have never made banana bread before, so I did a search online.  Simply Recipes has been my go to as of late.  It's easy to manipulate the ingredients to my liking.  I used this recipe as a base and adjusted accordingly.
I just happened to have 3 ripe bananas (from the two hubby ate - at least a week ago...) and everything else needed to make banana bread.
I followed the directions but added raisins before folding into the non-stick loaf pan.

While it cooked I cleaned up. The recipe said an hour for cooking.
I love the smell of warm banana bread. My kitchen smelled tasty!!! 
The banana bread came out moist and delicious! In case you didn't know banana bread is best warm and with coffee!! 😊