It's Saturday.  The sun is out! YAY!  I am sure we needed the rain.

I do, however want to share a pork fried rice recipe I made a few nights ago.
Oddly enough, I don't eat fried rice made by any restaurant.  Well, except for Benihana.
Otherwise, I ALWAYS make my own fried rice.  I don't know why.
Well, I actually do.  It's because I don't put scallions on my fried rice.

I have been making fried rice since I was about 8 years old.  My mom liked garlic fried rice (YUM!!) to go with some of her native Filipino dishes (that I had to learn to make).

HAH, if my son knew I made fried rice, he probably would visit!

Okay here's the "My mother taught me" fried rice.

ALWAYS, use left over meat.  It's easier (and quicker) to make.  That means you really only need to quickly sauté in the pan! You can even use the baked chicken cooked at the market.  For real.
Oh, and it's better to use pre-cooked, cooled rice.  Like maybe rice you made from the night before that was left over.

Here's what I had:

Cooked Pork Country Style Ribs (or any pre-cooked meat - beef, chicken, etc)
Steamed rice (3 Cups - cooked)
Mixed Vegetables or Peas & Carrots (Canned or frozen)
Minced garlic - 1tsp
Soy Sauce
Olive Oil - 1 tablespoon (I only use California Olive Ranch)
Black pepper, to taste
Sea Salt, to taste

First, chop the cooked pork (or meat) in reasonable bite sized pieces.  Heat a skillet with the olive oil on medium heat.  Remember - Olive oil is no bueno on high heat. Add your minced garlic.  Don't let the garlic cook to much.  Literally add the oil, add garlic, once it starts to sizzle add the chopped pork.
Saute for like 5 minutes, then add the mixed vegetables and saute with the meat.

For this, I used canned mixed vegetables.  After I sautéed the meat and veggies I added the cooked steamed rice:

I mixed that together until the veggies/meat was mixed with the rice. Once everything is mixed together, add soy sauce. When adding soy sauce, add enough to mix.  It's hard to gauge.  Maybe 1/3 cup, but that may be too much.  I just shake enough to mix.  Since I have been doing this for a long time, I know how much soy sauce I want in my fried rice.
Start with 8 shakes of the bottle, then mix.  Add more if you need to.

I use low sodium soy sauce (Kikkoman is my go to) so I end up not adding salt, just the pepper.

 This was our dinner...just the fried rice, but I could have added a side, or more meat.  Since hubby travels on his bike, I was trying to stick to one pot meals :)
Here is the final look after a couple of scoops onto plates:

Pretty good! Hubs definitely enjoyed this dish!!

You can always substitute the minced garlic for scallions. If you do that, cook the head of the scallions with the meat, then add the tail (the green) either before or after you add the soy sauce.