It's the day after the Fourth of July!

I am hoping that everyone had a safe weekend.  A safe holiday but had a great time.

I had the opportunity to visit a fellow local food blogger's annual BBQ in Ocean Beach. If you don't know my friend, Hillary at Starbright's Kitchen, you need to know her. Well, visit her website for what she has. I am always amazed of the yumminess that comes out of her kitchen!
She is super creative!

So...yesterday (okay, most of the week), she made: Sangria-Can Chicken (with homemade Sangria), Porchetta (hers of course),  Her famous Blackout sangria.  Though, I think she had another name for There was also, steak (OMG), super cheesy salsa con queso, champagne and berries, watermelon shots, and SWINEAPPLE.  Holy pork!
Another foodie, Annie from the @thejewiskimo on Instagram, brought over, chocolate bourbon pecan pie.  Holy toledo!!

The one thing I like about this Holiday, is the getting together and celebrating America's Independence. This year was different for me since Mr. Foodie had duty blues. I could have stayed home and binged watch some show, but I had to go.  I hate to be that one that RSVPs and doesn't show up.  I know people like that.  I also wanted to meet Annie ( L-R: Kate, Hillary, Kim's Husband, Kim and Annie). I also wanted to taste some original food, from a fellow foodie!

Okay, the swineapple totally got me.  Hillary took pineapple, stuffed the center with boneless pork and wrapped that sucker in bacon.  The most pork and it was DELICIOUS!! The contrast of the sweet and salty just melts in your mouth. The juice is nice too.  It was such a hit!

The other deliciousness, Porchetta.  I don't know how to explain this one.  But I mean:

This was sooooo delicious! The herbs is the flavor center of this yumminess! I was highly impressed with this one.
You know...foodies flock together like birds in a feather.  Best cooking is always when another foodie cooks!!

By the way, her  Sangria, I was advised to not drink, since I was driving home, so I brought some of that home last night to try.  I haven't tried it yet.  But the warning went out.  Drink at your own risk.  She really did put a warning label on the jug.  I am excited for next year!!!
Hillary was a fantastic host.  I met some new people (i love to meet people with my introverted self) and I ate some pretty awesome food.

Clearly, I need to step up my game :)