Yes, I asked YOU!

How do you food?  What is it that you like about dining out at your favorite restaurant?  Is it the ambiance?  Is it the popularity?

How do you react to flavor?  Does your taste buds dance in your mouth at the first burst?

For me, flavor is passionate to me.  When I go out to dinner, I am all about the ambiance and my palette's reaction.  I want to feel the Chef's passion is his dish.  I want my taste buds to dance.  I have come across many dishes that showcase great dishes.  Then there are places that have taken my heart. Okay, 3 Restaurants in San Diego County.

Like Acqua al 2.  I need to write about my experience there.  I can tell you, my mouth salivates, to this day (it has been 2 months since I ate there by invitation), from the Filetto al Mirtillo (top left corner on the plate). That is a LASTING impression to me. That is what I love about food.

I have no formal education in the culinary arts.  I learned to cook at the age of 6.  I learned to cook from my Filipina mother.  Of course I learned to dishes from my heritage (Pansit, lumpia, fried rice, etc).  She also taught me to make greens, fried chicken, cornbread, etc.  Over the years, I picked up recipes from different people I have crossed paths with.
My favorite, Mexican.  I am still learning, but I love to make albondigas.  It is my FAVORITE soup to have when I am sick.
I find that I need to embark on a new flavor.  Columbian.  My husband is half Columbian and his mother would make some food for him, but I feel like he is missing a part of him and I am missing a new flavor!
Frances Mallman says you need to respect the food you cook.  He is so right.  When you respect the food you are cooking, you create the dish your palette will love.

I recently visited Dallas, Texas.  It wasn't a vacation vacation.  It was a working, checking on my father in law vacation.
I got to eat some great BBQ (my waistline did not appreciate that)! BBQ in California is so very different than Texas.  Brisket is my FAVORITE! I went to Spring Creek BBQ and to Hard Eight BBQ. I enjoyed both places.  However, Hard Eight BBQ had the best flavor for me. There were these smokers that cooked the brisket. I think that is what did it for me.

It was amazing, standing in line, being submerged in the smoke and then have that flavor dancing in your mouth. Hard Eight BBQ is a place where you order your meat by the pound, so you can mix and match however you want. Watching meat being cut. It was a birthday dinner for my husband.  Sweet!!

Next time, when you sit down in  a restaurant, think about what you want to experience from your visit.  Go solo.  Use your palette as your guide for your dining experience.
You'll see food in a different light.