Yes! I said it! It's holiday Season.  The first holiday that is coming is Thanksgiving!

Now you know (okay, maybe not) I like to plan!
Mr. Foodie and I moved into a new place and the Kitchen is DIVINE!  PURRRFECT to bake and create delicious goodness for our friends to enjoy.

So, this month I am going to focus on some wonderful Thanksgiving sides to go with your Turkey.  I am so excited to share this with you.

Hold on, I want to share my kitchen photo with you before we moved in:

See that counter space under the window????  Some serious baking/cooking magic is about to happen there! literally have a ton of sweet potatoes.  Mr. Foodie bought so much because he thought the detachment Christmas Party was on Nov 4th, when in all actuality, it's on December 4th.

He plans to make a sweet potato pie (mind you, I offered to make it - we have a family recipe-but he insists on making it himself). I am supposed to make my sweet potato casserole that was a hit for Thanksgiving and Christmas last year.

So, here are some links to many different sweet potato recipes you can make.

I will post a recipe later this week.

First, it will be my sweet potato casserole.  :)

Enjoy the links!!!