Get Stacked! Six Years of Customizing Burgers!

Get Stacked! Six Years of Customizing Burgers!

Malls, shopping, children, a parent getaway?? YES PLEASE!

Stacked is located on the first floor of Fashion Valley Mall, right near the valet parking stand in the mall. That's right. If you lived here as long as I have, you'll remember that there used to be an Uno Chicago Pizzeria where Stacked now has made its home for the last six years . I came here, A LONG time ago with my kid when he was younger (for reals), and it was a new place to get used to. 

Stacked just celebrated their six year anniversary and I had the opportunity to venture in for a sponsored tasting. How can I say no to dinner? Oh...Stacked, you are speaking to me!!

First of all, Stacked is the Ultimate High Tech. You place your order by perusing the menu on the iPad and customize your order to your liking. I didn't need to customize the drink (there is no option to), but I was able to customize my order and have it sent to the kitchen to be prepared.



Stacked Mule


: a favorite amongst the bar staff!


We all know that this foodie loves mules. I tried the Stacked Mule. After the day I had, it was warranted and worth it. This drink! So refreshing, bursting with citrus flavor and the deliciousness of whiskey. Yea. I said whiskey (because I love a good whiskey). Also, I need to know where they get their ginger beer, because spicy is my middle name! I also had the Hawaiian Mule. Both were good, but whiskey, it's the way to my heart.

Dinner really consisted of a burger.  Because I'm on a diet (total blasphemy), and well, burgers are life. No seriously.

So this burger I got was the Stack n Bleu. I mean, because bleu cheese is the other way to my heart (I'm pretty sure any food is a way to my heart). So, here's the thing with customizing your burger, the actual ingredients for this burger is: Angus beef on a brioche bun with roasted shallot mayo, topped with bleu cheese, Applewood smoked bacon and crispy onion strings with a drizzle of balsamic glaze

What I actually got: Angus beef on a brioche bun with chipotle mayo, topped with bleu cheese, Applewood smoked bacon and sauteed mushrooms with a drizzle of balsamic glaze. You know I subbed out the onions and the shallot mayo (which I am sure it is delicious, it's just not for me). I do want to say, the balsamic glaze certainly brings all the flavors together. I don't know how to describe it, but it just does.


Stack n Bleu


By the way....this burger was juicy as all get go. I loved every bite, that I cut in half.

The girl sitting next to me ordered garlic parmesan fries. Well, I am most definitely a fan, so of course I ordered some, without the onions. However, they came out that way....and I sure did send them back, only to get a plate of fries instead of a little bowl.  WUT!

To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the fries. They needed more garlic and parmesan to make it right. I should have gotten the cheese fries. They definitely looked yummy as they passed by me a few times. I was full from the burger anyway.

I did, go back about a week later.  hah...don't judge.

This time, I had a Watermelon Mojito, because Cruze Rum and a watermelon garnish (you can't go wrong there). It was gone, soooo fast.

MMMMM Watermelon Mojito

MMMMM Watermelon Mojito

What was next? Dinner. Uhm, Lobster and Seafood Mac n Cheese with roma tomatoes. This was most yummy. AND Filling. It came in the most awesome mini skillet pan....check it! I totally need to get these for myself.

Lobster & Seafood Mac N Cheese

Lobster & Seafood Mac N Cheese

Stacked has 5 locations in California: Huntington Beach, Cerritos, Torrance, Thousand Oaks and San Diego.

Happy 6 Year Anniversary Stacked! We're glad you're here!