El Agave - Old Town

I think I have had Mole once in my life.

I don't remember if it sat well with me, however, I was invited to dine at El Agave, a restaurant KNOWN for their Mole dishes (and hundreds of tequila)! 

Here is what I always look for in a restaurant: Great Service, Great Food and Ambiance. I also want to be able to hold a conversation without yelling my business or talking over the loud music. 

Here is why: People ask me all the time for good places to eat.  I like to recommend places that I have gone to and enjoyed myself. I wouldn't send someone to eat someplace where I hated the food or the service is bad.  Maybe someone I don't like.  Okay, maybe not. Who am I kidding?  LOL.

I know that everyone has their own experiences.  Food, however, you can't mess up, though it happens more often than you may think.

I have been to quite a few places in Old Town.  Recently, I went to Cafe Coyote, which is great for tourists to visit.

IF you are, however, looking for a place to celebrate something special and you want to be in Old Town, then you need to visit El Agave. 

El Agave is nestled on the corner of San Diego Avenue and Old Town Avenue on the second floor. There is a patio that faces Old Town. You are greeted at the door ( I was unknowingly greeted by the GM) then seated at an open table.

Ceiling Tequila Bottles 

One of Many Shelves of Tequila

I was amazed to see all these bottles.  If you don't know, Tequila is one of my favorites.  There are over 200 bottles here! I felt like I was in Tequila Heaven. :)

First we (my best friend was visiting), order drinks (after she speaks some Spanish to the GM - who waited on us!). I was interested in the Tequila Mule, so I ordered that.  MMMMM so delicious.  My BFF ordered a Cadillac Margarita. The Tequila Mule went down pretty quick, in a good way. It may have been because of the passion fruit juice.

Tequila Mule and Cadillac Margarita

We ordered some appetizers:

Chalupas de Langosta

Sopecitos Surtidos

The Chalupas de Langosta was AMAZING!  My friend, Anele, does NOT eat seafood, but she loved this! The chalupas, as described on El Agave's website :

Chalupas de Langosta

2 Chalupas made of corn masa in an oval shape, topped with lobster meat chunks, artichokes, diced tomato, cilantro, and fresh Mexican cheese crumbles, finished with a touch of Mexican cream.

OMG! These were so delicious,  I could not contain myself. There are onions on it, but I ate around it. I mean, it was so worth it. This was my FAVORITE appetizer!

The other appetizer, suggested by the general manager, as described on their website:

Sopecitos Surtidos

Homemade flat soft tortilla shells topped with black beans and salsa verde, one with shredded chicken, another with homemade chorizo, and a third with shrimp in chipotle sauce, topped with fresh lettuce and Mexican cream.

It was great to try these also. There are some serious flavors in the chorizo and chicken sopecitos.

Both are good appetizers to share, especially for two. The shrimp was my favorite of the three.

Our entrees were pretty easy.  No, I lie. I had a hard time deciding what to order.

So, we were recommended:

Mole Don Pablo Julio

Here is the description from the website:

Mole Poblano Don Julio

The soul of Mexican moles made from scratch with pasilla, ancho, and mulato chilis as well as other ingredients such as tomatillo, clove, black pepper, chocolate, garlic, cinnamon, coriander seed, sesame seed, and more. Served over chicken with Agave style rice.

This is a popular entree. The mole is made with over ten ingredients (I think maybe 20) and the flavor is AMAZING.  This is served over chicken with rice.

However, I actually enjoyed the Mole Verde with Carnitas. I like tender meat and for me, carnitas is very tender.  It definitely was for this entree. Somehow I missed the photo of the mole verde with carnitas.  THAT was yummay!

Then there is coffee and dessert.  In true European fashion. Okay, in my personal opinion, dessert should always be served with coffee.  I had a mocha to go with our strawberry tres leches that we ordered.

I can look forward to dessert every day! Oh wait, I do!!

I loved the ambiance at El Agave.  Next time I want to sit outside in the early evening.

You have to go there and at least see all the bottles of tequila they have.  It's so much. Then have some tequila drinks, then have dinner.  Just like that!

Given that this was a sponsored dinner, I would go back. It is a bit pricey, but worth it.