Food is Like a Fine Wine

How exciting!
Okay, I am so excited for this weekend's Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Race!

I participated in this race in 2012 and now I am an lucky to be part of the Ambassador Program so that I can tell you all the awesomeness of the FitFoodie Race Series.

First of all, I love the idea of running a 5k on a Saturday morning at the Embarcadero. Perfect location and a great run, honestly.  Yes, everyone runs there anyhow, but what is more better than running and then eating from several sponsors AND getting to drink after running. You can walk too, but I mean, you should just work (run) for the delicious, healthy food and drinks.

In 2012, Bon Affair (wine spritzer), Cupcake (wine)and Stella Artois(one of my fave beer brands) were the lucky drinks at the Beer Garden in the Finisher's Village.
There is photography, I mean, you can take a photo post race...because it doesn't count if it's not documented, RIGHT??!!
This year, I am looking forward to what will be at the Beer Garden and what to expect for food tastings at the Finisher's Village!! I am secretly

You can still participate and register for the race here!!

Join me and several other foodies in the race on Saturday.  I'll be at the VIP Cocktail Party as well!! See you there???!!  YES of course we will!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, but provided complimentary registration for the FitFoodie Race.