Food is Like a Fine Wine

First time actually staying longer than 24 hours in Texas.  We had came out for a family emergency, and well, We will be here until the better thing to do than to blog about food while visiting?

This is also the first time I met my father in law and Mother in law (well, she is Mr's stepmother, but whatevs).  Not the best of circumstances, but it is great that he was able to come home the day after we flew in :)

So, for dinner last night (August 12th) we stumbled upon Spring Creek BBQ. This was after driving around for maybe 10 minutes.

Now, I always love to eat local when we travel.  How else do you experience the city you are in if you don't eat local?

Anyhow, walking up to the entrance was heaven.  I mean, you can just smell the wood chips...

Mr. Foodie couldn't recall if he had been there before...until we walked in.

Chilled bottle beer?  Yes PLEASE!!  It was so hot yesterday, the beer was perfect to go with BBQ. And at $4.00 per bottle (though I think the Budweiser choices may have been cheaper, but who cares?)! There were bottle sodas also.

Menu options?  Seriously???

I didn't know what to have.  So, I asked the fella and he recommended turkey.  I went with beef and sausage.  So, the thing pile as much on your plate that you can fit.  DO you know how much food that is?

So, in this "cafeteria line" you put as much: bbq baked beans, green beans, mac n cheese, coleslaw, potato salad, and some fixins.  Fixins being relish, pickles, onions.  It was just crazy awesome.

Dinner for 2 at $36 bucks....mmk.  I am on board!!

My delicious plate of food!!

The beef was perfectly tender and succulent.  I am a huge lover of coleslaw.  I instantly fell in love with the bread.  The fresh hot bread that kept coming to the table.  You can't say no, because the bread is too freaking good!  OMG, I was in bread heaven.  No, seriously, I was.

It all washed down great with my corona (they didn't have limes, so I tossed a little salt in it).

I was full after eating all the mac n cheese, 1 slice of meat and 2 bread rolls.

This was definitely worth coming too.