Food is Like a Fine Wine

My fellow San Diego Drinkers!!! Now you have the ultimate coupon for drinks at some of your favorite spots!

The Passport Program started in Denver back on 2013 and is essentially the craft beer, spirits and wine lovers guide.  Think of this as your little black book to drink specials!

Launched on May 27th, this passport is the ultimate cocktail savings book at some of San Diego's hot spots (Like Biga, Entrada and my fave Vin de Syrah)! The program is currently active in the following cities: 

Hey Girl Hey!!!  Who's ready???

Hey Girl Hey!!!  Who's ready???

So what do you do???? Go here to purchase your passport or go to Biga, Stella Public House or La Parfait Paris to purchase them in person.  It's only $20. There are 32 venues that are participating in San Diego!  It's for the summer.  I mean, who doesn't want to save money on cocktails during the summer?  I know I do!

How does it work you ask?? Well...let me break it down for you:

1.  Go to the venue in your passport

2. Get comfortable

3. Find a cocktail special in your passport book and order it when your server comes

4.  When your fabulous cocktail arrives, present the passport for a stamp (it can only be used once at each establishment)

5.  Make sure you tip your server (waitress/waiter/or bartender)

Now, remember the passports are for delicious cocktails.  You can still order food off the menu too (why wouldn't you)!!

Here is something...that $20 passport could save you about $300. Don't listen to me, just get one!! okay, i have something better....I have 3 passports to giveaway.  

Go to my instagram: @latekatefoodie, tag a friend and add the following hashtags: #passportprogram #giveaway #latekategiveaway so that I can choose a winner for the passports I have to give away! Winner will be chosen on May 31, don't wait!  ENTER NOW!!

Disclaimer: Winners must be age 21 or older, live in the continental Unites States and live in one of the 12 cities participating in The Passport Program. Drink responsibly.