Food is Like a Fine Wine

One of the many things my husband and I planned last year is to do some couples traveling.

I thought he was kidding....but he wasn't.

So, for our one year anniversary, we took a trip to Las Vegas.  Why not right?  He's an aspiring photographer, so he gets to take photos. I get to see my parents and my best friend from high school.  Win:Win right?


So, I happened to have been selected for a free hotel stay back in December, so I figure, why not time it to our anniversary!  Way to Plan!  Woot!!

Of course with this "Free Stay" came with a 90 minute time share presentation. No big deal.

Let me tell you something about vacationing on a budget.  It CAN be done.

With moving into a new home (that we are renting), hubby repairing his car and motorcycle, I can tell you that money is tight.  I am no baller.  I have a decent job (that I love), but I am certainly not high rolling like some of my colleagues.  It can be pretty intense, when you are the breadwinner in your marriage (and totally suck at budgeting - TRUTH). Thank GOD for my husband and his better budgeting.

So, the free hotel stay, so awesome.  I did have to put a $99 deposit down at the time when I booked, but I also got it back!!

We get to our accommodations: Club de Soleil.  This is a time share property located on Tropicana Avenue, literally 3 minutes from the Orleans Casino and maybe five minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. 

Here are photos of what our accommodations looked like from the inside:

 Living Room at Club de Soleil

Living Room at Club de Soleil

 Bedroom.  Oh Look, it's Mr. Foodie!!

Bedroom.  Oh Look, it's Mr. Foodie!!

Not bad for the Living room and bedroom.  It was basically, a one bedroom apartment.  It also included a kitchen with dishes, pots/pans, utensils, etc.   Oh and the best part, a stackable washer and dryer. This was MUCH better than the last time share we stayed in...more on that later.

 Jacuzzi Tub!!!

Jacuzzi Tub!!!

So, our first night, I made dinner.  Yes, we sure did travel from Escondido to Las Vegas with food to cook for one day. I made an easy pasta dish:

 It was a quick and easy dish meat pasta with papardelle pasta.  Pretty filling.  Oh and my husband basically ate two plates.  I guess he was hungry.

Later that evening, our night started with watching the Bellagio fountain show.  My husband wanted to get some good photos (and he did) of the show.  I took video!!  Check it! It may be sideways...sorry!!

Las Vegas is an interesting little city. Okay, Okay....big city but it is so full of many beautiful things and people.  Hotels and people.  It's such a lively city.   This is not my first time in the city.  I just never really got a chance to "see' the city.  The plus to being married my husband,  he is a sponge :)

(By the way, my fit bit got some serious love during our stay here)

Our next stop was the Mirage Hotel for the Volcano Show!!  I took video (of course!)

A very Explosive show!!  I had no idea this was done here (I knew about the Bellagio Fountain Show!).

Afterward, we stopped at White Castle.  We purchased the 20 sliders meal.  Oh my dear GOD!  That was such a bad idea. Who eats that stuff? Oh, I did.  Well, I ate maybe, maybe 6 of those horrible things....because I was hungry and it was after midnight....or it wasn't?  I am not sure. 

So....Friday, we met my parents for lunch.  We decided to go back to the Mirage Hotel for their buffet brunch.  That was a total of about $80 for 4 people.  Hubs got the military discount.  It just so happens that we enjoy buffet food!! get the free buffet, you have to sign up with the M Life membership and make sure to ask about the free buffet.

 Secret Forest at the Mirage Hotel

Secret Forest at the Mirage Hotel

After brunch, we went for a long walk.  Mainly to find an ATM for my husband, but also, to get my 10,000 steps  When we couldn't find the specific ATM, we found ourselves in the Bally's hotel, which turned into the Paris Hotel.  Try walking with two diabetics...the most exercise for them ever. 

We did stop off at the Silverton Hotel & Casino for a viewing of their aquarium.

There was a mermaid showing (this place has an entrance into Bass Pro Shops) about every 15 minutes from 2pm until about 5pm.   I also had to stop for Starbucks. Then, I signed up for membership there.  You had to play up to about 120 points to get free brunch, so hubs and I both did that. 

After our afternoon excursion with my parents, we ran some errands and we back to the hotel to get ready for an amazing dinner date at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse (that will be on the food post!!). Uhm, I apparently didn't have proper clothing to wear for dinner.  So, I ran to Ross (one of my favorite budget shopping places) and walked out with a purse and shoes. $40 bucks well spent.  maybe it was $30.

After dinner, we went on a drive.  My husband is a bit of a romantic, so fellas take your ladies to watch planes landing at McCarran Airport.  You have to go down Las Vegas Blvd, then turn left onto Sunset Road.  Here is the link to where he found this.  It was pretty romantic.  Oh...and we missed two landings....smh.

After that, we went to the Las Vegas sign and took some photos there.  My hubs had his camera with him.  There was a line, some group of youngins in a limo bus taking photos...bachelor party or birthday party.  Something like that.  There were two photographers there....taking photos for "donations". I only gave that guy $5....he was trying to make himself sound awesome for taking photos for a variety of networks and totally eyeing  my husbands camera.  Oh well.

On Saturday, we had brunch at the Silverton Hotel & Casino.  The membership and free brunch came handy!!  Even better, bottomless champagne!  HEAVEN!!

There was  wedding party that came in shortly after we sat down.  ahhhh....the bliss.

Now....I think we went back to our hotel until about....7pm.  Or earlier. I can't even remember where we had dinner that night. Or  if we did.  Which would explain many things.

So, for our last night in Las Vegas, we hit up Fremont Street Experience.  This is was free. Parking was $8.00 for the time we were there.

I had so MUCH FUN!  I am thinking that the company was a huge part of it!!  :)

 Remix - Pretty cool band

Remix - Pretty cool band

First, I had to get him a drink. I can't post a photo....he looks unhappy...I think it was more because I was taking the photo.

 The Fish Bowl

The Fish Bowl

I think it was called a fish bowl drink from Mickey Finnz.  I don't know what was in it...somehow I ended up drinking half of it.  We walked down, I mean, there is live music.  3 stages of live music.  How can anyone not like this place? The band Remix was pretty awesome with their covers of so many of my favorite songs!! There was also the 80s Station, which sang covers from Devo and of course the theme to the Breakfast Club.  That was an awesome party!!

 Oh look --- Work followed me :)

Oh look --- Work followed me :)

We walked down Fremont and checked out the Spandex Nation - They were pretty interesting....and then went into the Golden Nugget to check out the shark tank.  We still need to check out the aquarium at the Mandalay Bay!!

 Shark Tank at the Golden Nugget

Shark Tank at the Golden Nugget

After walking up and down....we finally made our way back to the hotel. Whew!  What a night!

Sunday - Time to go Home!!!

Well....we before making our way home we made our way to the Hoover Dam!! I have never been, so it was a pretty neat experience!


 On The Arizona Side

On The Arizona Side

The white is where the water level once was at.  Makes you think, right?

 On the Nevada side

On the Nevada side

t's so amazing, yet disappointing.  The scenery was beautiful. The bridge was crowded (not pictured).  That Bridge (in the picture!) looked scary, but there were people walking on it (Ahhhhh!)!


Here is a video my husband took....that I actually have not watched...It was so windy, as you can probably hear it in the video.

We didn't take the tour (I forgot how much it cost), but it was pretty crowded anyhow.

We finally made it back to San Diego well after 10 pm.

Thanks for letting me share.  Enjoy the videos!!